Mailing Address
Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council
56 Wellesley St W.,
12th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5S 2S3

Telephone and Facsimile
Toll-Free: 1-888-377-7746
Telephone: 416-326-1550.
Fax: 416-327-8897

Other HPRAC Resources

Regulation of a New Health Profession

HPRAC will assess unregulated health professions to determine whether to recommend them for regulation under the RHPA only if the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care directs the Advisory Council do so. HPRAC also wishes to remind interested parties that the purpose of regulation under the RHPA is to protect the public. The onus is on the applicant to provide sufficient evidence to HPRAC so the Advisory Council can effectively asses the application against the criteria for regulation of a new profession under the RHPA.

For further details about the HPRAC criteria and the process for regulating a new health profession under the RHPA.

Review of a Change in Scope of Practice

HPRAC has prepared criteria that it relies on in the consideration of advice to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care concerning a potential change in the scope of practice of a health profession in Ontario. Where there is a sponsoring organization or profession, the proponent is asked to complete a questionnaire to describe its response to the criteria. To view HPRAC's criteria in a scope of practice review, and the questionnaire, click on the links below.